Social Environmental Responsibility

Environmental and Marine Conservation Research

  • 7 Liveaboard support marine biology conservation efforts and adhere to eco-friendly means of operations which includes provision of complementary use of eco-friendly shampoo & bodywash, discourage and minimize the use of any form of disposable plastic, reusable BPA-free drinking water bottle and the usage of bio-degradable garbage bags, no single use plastics.
  • The vessel will be installed with septic waste treatment system to prevent unnecessary emissions to the environment that may unknowingly cause huge impacts to ocean environment.
  • A highly efficient septic waste treatment system, BIOCON system is installed onboard the vessel to ensure emission do not cause any impact to ocean environment. BIOCON systems are physical or chemical systems utilizing air for the rapid oxidation of the organic material and chlorine solution for disinfecting. In this way, the treated waste is always suitable for discharge according to the requirements of the strictest Marine Legislation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) resolution of The Marine Environment Protection Committee MEPC 2 (VI). On top of the above mentioned, the engine used for the vessel strictly meets IMO’s limit pertaining to emission regulations.
  • The practice of using biodegradable washing and cleaning products such as laundry soap, dish washing detergents, soap and shampoo will definitely have a direct impact on the environment. The use of common land-use products will not be practiced by M/V Black Pearl in a bid to do its part to save the ocean, one step at a time.
  • 7 Liveaboard will provide assistance for both local and international Marine Biologists’ research projects. The need to provide avenues of awareness of the importance of taking care of the ocean is essential in ensuring that our vessel operating destination will always remain as a conserved destination to allow the longevity of its ocean and coral life.
  • In prevention of any possible damage of underwater coral life during vessel anchorage, 7 Liveaboard has invested on a mooring drill equipment to set up mooring points in Palau waters. These mooring points will be vetted by the local authorities to ensure the mooring points and docking installations follow its protocol and regulation. Ensuring safety in the vessel surroundings at all time and conservation of Palau’s reefs are the company’s top priorities.

above Image credit from CLIA